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3 Important Skills a Winning Marketing Team Has
November 18, 2021

Digitized communication and access to data increase the demands on us who work with marketing. The Holy Trinity “the right message to the right person at the right time” has never been more important. Do you have what it takes to get that dream customer to click through to your site and convert? Let’s find out what are some of the most important skills for the marketing team!


It’s been a long time since we talked about the content being the king. Nowadays, EVERYTHING is about content and it is one of the most important skills for a marketing team. The trick is to figure out and understand, what kind of content you need to produce to reach the right audience on the right channels. The successful marketing teams have a content strategy based on data-driven insights and the target group’s challenges. The competence thus requires one or more people who have control of both SEO, analysis, buyer personas (target group), and how to work with content marketing in different formats for all the different platforms.

And, of course, the content must be relevant and consistent. Here at Advedro, we always go on about consistency because it really is the key to success. Combined with other factors, such as value and quality, of course, the consistent content does get more people involved and your brand will be seen as one to be respected. Your content’s style, look, feel and tone are some of the important elements that need to connect with your target audience. Keep in mind that relevant content reaches your audience on a more personal level and is influenced by their interests, wants, and needs. People have to know that your brand is reliable.

In a Trumpified world of alternative facts, authenticity has never been as important as now. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to also talk about the company’s raison d’être, the value of its own offer, and its own positions in the right way. Feel free to back up with facts!

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Marketing automation

Without data, you are just another person with an opinion and that’s it.

Nothing beats this brilliant quote more than a company that lacks expertise in marketing automation. In order for you to get results from your automated emails, you need to be incredibly well-read about your target group, analyze your data and segment your contacts in the right way. A well-oiled marketing automation machinery can give you leads on the assembly line! But as long as it is not done properly, the loss of unprocessed contacts that could have become customers every day grows.

A common reason for the lack of results in marketing automation is that a marketer who already has a thousand things to do gets the assignment on their desk – without knowing the basics. Marketing automation is complex – and it is not enough to just understand your customers to succeed in communicating properly with them and at the same keep their interests in your products!

Advertising purchases

Finally: It doesn’t matter if you create kickass content if no one will see it and be able to engage with it in the right way. It may sound like a cliché thing to say. But the fact is that one of the most common mistakes companies make is to spend their entire budget on creating quality content, but no money on actually disseminating it to the target audience in the right way. So, the other important actor among other skills for the marketing team is to be able to purchase advertisements.

As with marketing automation, the task of “social media” is usually given to someone who is already busy in the marketing department. But just because it’s pretty easy to buy a reach, this doesn’t mean you will reach the right people to get actual business from. To really succeed in reaching your target groups, you need a specialist who can handle paid media – both on social media and on Google, but also other alternative networks such as Advedro. Do you need to honestly ask yourself if you have a large enough team for that task? Can you train someone to be a cruel claimant against your partners? Or do you need to outsource this task?