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5 Common Mistakes You Make with the Newsletter
June 16, 2022

Newsletters have been sent since the early days of the Internet, and much has changed since those first humbling steps. In this post, we will discuss 5 common mistakes that people make when sending newsletters, as well as how to avoid them!

1. The newsletter is difficult to read

When creating your newsletter, hopefully, responsiveness is one of the first things you will consider. If the recipient cannot read your newsletter on their smartphone or tablet, it is very likely that it would not be read at all. But don’t rely solely on its responsiveness – it can be difficult to read in any case! Lines may be too short for smooth reading, contrasts may be poor, and long words in headings, for example, may disappear at the right edge. It’s also inconvenient to have to zoom in with your fingers on the phone to read a tiny font. Update the email template to ensure that it looks good on all devices, and don’t forget to check it before sending it out!

2. The newsletter is too generic

Sending the same content to everyone in your database would not produce good results most of the time. Sort your contacts by relevant criteria such as:

  • Interest
  • Previous purchases
  • Age

Then adapt the content to what interests them, both the recipients and your statistics will appreciate it.

3. The newsletter has no clear purpose

Every newsletter should have a clear idea and a specific goal in mind. The recipients’ goals can range from receiving important information and making purchases with a promotional code to downloading specific content or booking a meeting. Newsletters need to be seen as an investment of both time and resources, so it’s nice to be able to see the results in black and white at the end.

4. The newsletter lacks personality

Dare to be witty and unpredictable! Create a bizarre subject line, use emojis as a puzzle, or do something else that gets people to open up – and read. Try to use a real person as the sender, a quote from a coworker, or a news item about what is going on with you and your company. This improves your relationship with your contacts. Few newsletters generate a laugh; if you succeed, you will be remembered.

5. The newsletters lack comparable and historical statistics

Many times, you get stuck in the same pattern that you’ve always driven in. Try A/B testing your newsletters with:

  • Different subject lines
  • Sending them at different times and on different days
  • Small changes in the template – more or fewer modules
  • Different text lengths
  • Different colors of buttons

Just keep in mind that you should not test everything at once, but rather one thing at a time. Finally, you’ll find a formula that works for you and your contacts, helps you avoid mistakes, and allows you to thrive with your newsletters.

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