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Advedro – Voluum
October 13, 2020

We get asked this question all the time, and that is “How do I set up conversion tracking platforms like Voluum to track my Advedro campaigns?” When it comes to running a successful Advedro campaign, the first thing you need to ensure is that your site or landers load fast. The second is that you should be tracking conversions for every action that occurs. From newsletter signups, to contact form submissions, and of course sales of products or leads for services. After all, if you don’t track conversions, how are you to know what is and isn’t working? You could be focusing your efforts on the entirely wrong marketing channel.

Advedro, allows all our digital marketers, affiliates, and agencies to track all their data and conversions in real-time. The ability to track in real-time means that our customers can make real-time decisions on what to do next, to ensure that their campaigns are successful and stay fully optimized.

But what happens if our customers are using a platform such as Voluum to track their advertising campaigns from the traffic network of Advedro? How can they track that in the most efficient way?

By selecting Advedro as a traffic source inside of your Voluum account, Voluum’s clients will be able to purchase traffic from Advedro while still having the ability to use and take advantage of Voluum’s vast reporting and optimization tools at the same time and track their advertising campaigns.

To track conversions on Advedro you will need to add a dynamic tracker to your campaign URL {conversion_tracking} which identifies each click uniquely. You must store this tracker on Voluum and get it to notify Advedro’s API each time a user generates a conversion.

This is done very simply on Voluum by configuring Advedro as the traffic source from the pre-defined template.

Start by logging in to your Voluum account and clicking the Traffic sources tab and then selecting the New traffic source button. Click Traffic Sources Templates and select Advedro. Once you have selected this pre-defined template for Advedro, Voluum will pre-populate the traffic source settings on the template.

In the traffic source postback URL, replace the REPLACE_WITH_GOAL_ID phrase with the goal ID value that you have copied from Advedro. Your edited traffic source postback URL should look like this:{externalid}

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