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Company Profile Now on Snapchat
December 16, 2021

Snapchat has made it possible for companies to create a business profile on the platform where they can post their goods and build an organic content network. All of this is being done to increase the efficiency of activities centered on the platform’s target group – millennials. So if your goal is to engage a younger demographic, Snapchat can be a potential source of engagement, as this is a target group that is rapidly growing!

Recognized platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have long given companies the opportunity to build a specific company profile page, a feature that is becoming more and more relevant to socialize with the target group and meet them where they are. Now that it’s finally live on Snapchat, they’ve also given companies the opportunity to be discovered in feeds, acquire more followers, sell products and distribute the uniquely produced organic material. All this in combination with the long-established opportunity to advertise on the medium. At Advedro, we see this as a move that can open up new possibilities for coordinating marketing initiatives in an interesting way.

How does Snapchat’s company profile work?

With a public company profile, your business can track everything that happens on Snapchat while also collecting data on what works and what doesn’t. It’s useful for determining a customer’s interest and behavior, both in relation to the platform and in general. Of course, producing both organic content and building commitment takes time, but with this cross-function, new ties with the target group can be formed.

Features for company profiles on Snapchat

Public stories – Here you can show what’s going on behind the scenes through a piece of content that stays up for 24 hours before disappearing in a more casual manner. Is there a special corporate culture you’d like to communicate, or a community between customers and the company you’d like to create? This is the format where you can do it.

Save stories Here you can gather the best of the best from the company stories for all Snapchatters to look at again.

AR filters As a company, you can create your own filters that can go viral through Snapchat users. You can now collect these on your company profile.

Native Store Connect your Shopify store to your profile so that users can scroll through it and see what you have to offer. Make Snapchat a new POS (point of sale) by using AR filters that allow Snapchatters to try out products with their camera and then purchase them directly from the app. According to Snapchat’s own survey, 20 percent of its accounts are more positive now than they were a year ago.

See statisticsThis is a critical function for you to be able to develop better content on the platform that engages and is appreciated by your target audience. Data, in which we at Advedro excel, is the source of truly great innovation.

Link organic content with ads

The nice thing here is that you can effectively link the users who will find your profile to your advertising on Snapchat. An interest-based and effective method for connecting to the target group via Snapchat’s pixels.

Wondering how to start with Snapchat or how you can buy Snapchat traffic through Advedro, contact us for more information.

Happy snapping!