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Pro Tips for Creating Holiday Content
July 7, 2022

Your customers may be on vacation, but they are not completely disconnected. However, you should disregard promotions and everything related to your products and services. Instead, you should captivate your audience with brand-building content that corresponds to their current state of mind. Here are some tips for filling out your summer content calendar and creating holiday content.

Check the data from previous summers

It’s fun to be inspired by others, but don’t forget that you have a lot of good insights that can help you with your idea work. Check previous summers to see what worked well – and when It actually worked well. Because it’s your own material that you created and it is okay to run copy + paste with a nice twist!

Reuse content that has proven to be effective!

The second tip for creating holiday content and filling your summer content calendar is to reuse your effective content. Create infographics from a blog post, make Instagram-exclusive list posts, and cut a longer video into short clips for social media. When you’ll remove your sunglasses and look at your old content with fresh eyes, you will be flooded with ideas for how to repackage but also how to reuse your best content.

Customize based on the season and dates associated with something fun

Summer is full of excitement! If you have a dry mind, you can get a lot of great ideas by listing all the events and seeing if you can connect any of them to your company’s content. And be creative – it doesn’t have to be a perfect match, just something that people are thinking about or discussing: 4th of July, vacationers, people coming back from holidays, local events, festivals, school graduation, school start… You get the picture!

Choose a winning wager!

We are all for pushing ourselves, but now is not the time to test and experiment if you do not have the resources to deal with criticism or feedback. If you don’t have the opportunity to take advantage of reactions and engage in dialogue with your followers during the holiday season, choose a bit less controversial topics. So you can put the real dynamite away until the fall.

Test in-depth content

We who create content want it read, heard, or seen. And if there is one thing we know, it is that the recipient’s patience is limited. We want to be direct, witty, and lovely, and we want to keep the person until the end of that final CTA. But if there’s ever a time to put a long-read or an in-depth podcast episode to the test, it’s during the summer. When they are not as stressed, many people take the time to read longer articles or listen to podcasts. It certainly feels more unpretentious to learn something new while lying in a deck chair, on the jetty, or in a hammock than it does to try to squeeze it during a morning rush on the bus, while on the way to work.

Creating interesting summer post ideas can be difficult but rewarding. Have fun while producing something you enjoy. Work becomes your happy place when you enjoy what you do.