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Social Media During the Summer – Plan for Holidays
June 2, 2022

Everyone in the office slows down, but the closer the holiday gets, the more stressed you become. Take it easy! As long as you prepare properly, the company’s social media can function without you during holidays. Here are some pointers for you!

Plan out your content

There are many smart scheduling features available today to help you publish your posts across multiple channels. Discuss with your team or key internal stakeholders what campaigns you are running and what content you want to run during the holiday season. All you have to do now is to get started and produce once you’ve determined what content you should create, what formats it should be distributed in, and how frequently you should post. HubSpot, Hootsuite, Buffer, Later, and Sprout are all fantastic scheduling tools that you can take advantage of.

Make some extra content

This is nearly the best tip of them all! When you’re finished with creating content for the holiday weeks, make some extra as a backup. Create content that can be posted if something goes wrong, as well as content that can be rolled out in the first few weeks after you return from vacation. It’s difficult to be super creative and sharp when your mind keeps asking, “What do I work on now again?” Instead of rushing through a lot of posts, you can take your time getting out of your flip-flops and into the office sneakers. Talk about a smooth start to the fall season!

Invest in content that works

Is it really a good idea to try to charm customers during the barbecue season (if you’re not selling barbecues)? It is, of course! Even if you work in B2B and your website traffic drops in July, your customers will still be using social media. Most, on the other hand, are a little more laid back. So, avoid sales and product-focused content in favor of brand-building content. Feel the holiday spirit and select items that do not necessitate much sharpness from the audience.

Choose a stand-in

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to automate everything related to social media during holidays. There must be someone in the company who can respond to comments and messages, as well as flag an emergency. Appoint someone on your team, a customer service representative, or an outside agency to act as your stand-in while you are away. Create guidelines, templates, and clear instructions on how you want everything to work so you don’t have to see the numbers of your workplace being displayed on your phone when you have to Instagram your sandy feet next to the sea.

Bring in a substitute

Are you still scared? Then you most likely have one or more accounts that simply cannot function without a manager who monitors them in real-time. Of course, the simplest solution would have been to solve it yourself, but in this case, it is actually justified to hire more people. Hire a freelancer or bring in a last-minute summer worker to give you complete freedom!

Log out and chill

There is always the possibility that something unexpected will happen. This is true for the majority of roles. Create an “emergency plan” for your colleagues to follow if something unexpected occurs. You can clearly describe when they need to contact you and how you want to be contacted; “Send an SMS to my private phone if XX happens,” e.g. Many people whose work is related to social media have a difficult time unwinding. Running a detox and removing apps for a set period of time can be extremely needed. Set rules for yourself when you go in and check out both your personal and company Instagram channels if you know you can shut down completely afterward. But don’t let it happen too often – it’s your holiday after all!