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This Is How You Get the Market to Deliver Quality Leads
May 12, 2022

Is the market bragging about all the quality leads they get, while you are in sale and don’t think it’s worth anything? The solution is the lead qualification, which will result in a black belt in online marketing and a sizzling prospect list.

No, all traffic is not always good traffic

“We have increased our site traffic by X visitors since last year.” Excellent work! But who are our visitors? You are not a joy-killer simply because you ask that question. The website’s most important function is to be relevant to your customers. If you are unable to attract new customers to your website, you should reconsider your current marketing strategy. Of course, increasing site traffic is never a bad thing, and it can have great brand-building value regardless of who you reach. However, it is clear that ensuring that market efforts activate potential leads is a prerequisite for doing good business.

This is how the marketing department should be measured

The relationship between market and sales is probably the most important relationship you need to work on in the coming year. Achieving a good dialogue with the market where you work towards common goals is the key to successful digital sales work. Is the marketing department measured by the number of leads they generate? Time to step up the game! The market should not only be measured on its lead generation, but also on the quality of the leads. Thousands of leads and no customers have ever taken anyone to the stock market.

What should sales do?

An important prerequisite for the market to be able to deliver high-quality leads is for them to learn which types of leads are ideal. This is where qualified leads come in! This is not a list of all the important roles in all the interesting companies; you must be more specific. Set a number of parameters for what a lead must have in order to be interesting. It could be the company’s size, sales, or geography – you can easily do this in a CRM system. You can also specify different points for how a visitor interacts with you online, such as if they click on a link in an email, read a customer case, or are often on a specific product page. In this way, you ensure the quality of sales by obtaining leads that are truly interesting and thus closer to a purchase.

Deeper customer insights = more $

Qualifying leads also provide you with new information about your customers and their habits. It is an unrivaled method for determining whether the investments you are making are sound. One of our customers worked hard on content marketing and received a lot of leads, but they weren’t the right kind of leads – the companies they reached out to were too small to match the business. What is the takeaway? With the feedback they received, they were able to rethink, adjust their analysis of their buyer persona (the ideal customer), and create a new marketing strategy that was more effective. Thus, well-executed content personalization results in a more qualitative lead generation.

Gaining deeper insights into how customers behave and what catches their attention also means that your salespeople can be one step ahead.

Make your salespeople experts

Nobody wants to talk to a salesperson, but everyone wants the advice of a professional. You build the sellers’ brand as specialists by involving them in the marketing material. You can, for example, require your salespeople to send specific e-mails, comment on articles, and serve as contact persons for downloadable knowledge material.

Before you start

It’s possible that your marketing colleagues have already qualified a large number of hot leads that are just waiting for a tagged salesperson. One of our customers’ sales managers recently discovered 300 unprocessed hot leads in the marketing department’s CRM system. Again, reach out to the market. Your sales team will be grateful!