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What Is a Pillar Page?
February 24, 2022

One of the most commonly used phrases in Inbound Marketing is “creating value for the customer”. Another expression to remember within Inbound is that it is used to educate the customer and create value – while also making it as easy to find information as possible. This is referred to as the pillar page. If you want to rank high on Google, you must monitor and work on these pages!

Pillar page=collection page

To put it simply, a pillar page is a collection page for a fairly broad topic, such as “Inbound Marketing”. Subheadings with links to more specific content are then created on this collection page; in this case, for example, there are links to posts such as “Account-based Marketing vs Inbound Marketing“. When you leave a pillar page to read about a more specific topic, there is a link that quickly returns you back to the pillar page as well.


Consider a pillar page to be similar to a toolbox in two ways. You type “toolbox” into Google and arrive at a page that links to pages that describe each tool in the box in detail: saw, screwdriver, and so on. Similarly, a pillar page is a box itself. The topics discussed on the page are the tools in the box.

Why Pillar Pages are important

Pillar pages wrangle your content clusters in a way that is clean and concise. Overarching topics serve as themes around which you can build and organize content, and the more optimized your pillar pages are the better they’ll reflect your content offerings.

No matter how many pillar pages you have, the important thing is organization and attribution. Within your pillar page, you’ll want to make good use of keywords and content links to further break down your topic.

Value-added content and awesome SEO

So imagine a single page that contains answers to all of your questions about a specific topic. What a gold mine! This is important not only for your visitors but also for your own SEO. This is because we now use much longer and more specific search phrases than we did a few years ago. Previously, we typed “buy toolbox,” but now we type “best toolbox ever near Dubai” (now you see what we are trying to explain). As a result, we must begin focusing on more than just a few keywords. The pillar page enters the picture here, as these allow you as a company to gather as much good knowledge about an entire topic as possible, rather than just specific words.

Example content pillars could include

  • Self-care and wellbeing advice
  • Company updates
  • Blog promotion
  • Customer testimonials

Finally, content pillars can help your brand achieve that all-important tone of consistency on your social media channels. This helps to give your brand a strong identity on social media since you’re creating content that recognizably belongs to you. Your followers will quickly learn what to expect from browsing your brand’s themed content and can follow along on the journey as you continue fitting the pieces together and creating a brand story just for them.

So start thinking about what topics you can build a pillar page around today!