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What Is Programmatic Marketing?
April 18, 2020

The marketing landscape is continuously evolving. Not so long ago, advertisers collaborated with advertising agencies to define a creative strategy, brainstorm, and develop campaign goals. The agency then produced a list of publishers online and offline, discussed each option’s pros and cons, and used this as a basis for advertising.

In recent years, this process has changed dramatically. We take into account that the data-driven digital media space becomes more extensive, increasing previous solutions as well. New technology connects buyers and sellers, making many monotonous and manual steps involved in digital media planning redundant.

Above all, programmatic marketing is spreading through the digital ecosystem at lightning speed. The concept creates that with the help of automation, you can achieve more in a shorter time. Brands can use target group statistics to customize their message, generate interest in their products, and respond to prospects in real-time.

How does programmatic marketing work?

More and more marketers are using data-driven marketing that is a smart and effective way to reach out to the media. In the coming years, programmatic advertising will make up the bulk of all digital marketing costs.

As this development takes over the digital space, audio channels, and television, it will be more important than ever to understand how it works to design an optimized campaign.

Simply put, programmatic marketing automates the decision-making process for ad purchases by targeting specific demographic groups. Marketers use real-time bidding (RTB) and artificial intelligence (AI) for mobile campaigns, video ads, online ads, and more. It can be described as a way to buy and sell items using smart machines or automation technology.

In reality, programmatic marketing is much more complex and more subversive than we can imagine. Given that about half of all marketers spent more than 50 percent of their annual budget on programmatic marketing in 2019, we can safely say that this is the fastest-growing digital marketing sector. It is even estimated to account for half of the total sales of digital ads in 2021

AOL, Google, Rocket Fuel, and other major players are already benefiting from the programmatic market. American Express plans to transfer its entire online marketing budget to programmatic channels. Target, P&G, Unilever, and L’Oreal were among the first to use these technologies.

In most cases, the ads are bought and sold in auction-like processes that work much like in the stock market, when demand is more significant than access to higher prices for programmatic ads.

By combining traditional marketing with machine learning, this changing marketing trend can help you reach the right target audience at the right time and generate high-quality leads – but only if you do it the right way. There will be obstacles along the way, so make sure you can handle them and overcome them.

Benefits of programmatic marketing

Programmatic marketing uses data to enable the purchase and sale of targeted advertising space. But not all data is equally valuable. Mass advertising with limited quality data is more effective than targeted advertising with low-quality data.

Smart data used in the right way makes it easier for companies to reach customers who are willing to make a purchase. Those who specialize in this technology use statistics to find patterns, preferences, and trends.

For example, they can see not only the location and average age of a potential customer but also shopping habits, favorite music, and even food preferences. This means that marketers can develop and distribute ads based on algorithms based on interest. This, in turn, leads to an extremely high return on the advertising campaign.

As a business owner, you get maximum value for money. Also, you can target customers more effectively and meet their needs in real-time. This new technology creates value, efficiency, and results while reducing advertising costs. It also provides more comprehensive reporting and exhaustive optimization capabilities.

We at Advedro specialize in smart data. Our Insights collects statistics for all your customers and prospects for all marketing channels. We combine customer data, online data from Advedro’s partners, and third-party data to convey your message to the right target group at the right time.

So what are you waiting for?

The information you need to create successful advertising campaigns is within reach.

Today, it’s easier than ever to predict your customers’ future needs and expand your reach.