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What Consumers Want to See From Brands on Social Media Now
November 25, 2021

During the social crisis that we all are experiencing globally for almost two years now, social media is literally flooded with various opinions and so-called medical experts that all of sudden know how we all should act. Anyone nowadays can take on the role of opinion leader and claim that we should blow a hairdryer in our nose to kill the virus, or that vaccination is going to kill us all. Keep in mind that your customers don’t want to read about those personal opinions. In this blog post, we will go through what customers really want to see on social media and what they expect from a brand on social media during the corona crisis, especially now as Europe is once again becoming the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The absolute nicest updates you see in the feed right now are the positive messages.

How people once again are trying to step up when needed – how a big portion of our population once again is trying to work from home. The show must go on, regardless of the situation we are all in and our society is once again trying to show civil courage and compassion. This can make any man shed a tear. What positive aspects has your company seen from the crisis in the past two years? Fewer absences, new internal commitments that would not have happened if it were not for corona? Workouts or hiking with the team, where everyone is out in the open air and can still be together. Company encouragement for vaccination? Show off everything positive that happens to your company! Your customers and your network need now more than ever.

Facts from credible sources

A sauna bath will definitely not cure the nasty coronavirus. It will probably only make you sicker. In a crisis situation, the most important thing is to be critical of sources. Do not believe everything you read. No matter how much you want to believe that dolphins swam last spring in Venice’s canals, not everything that is written on social media is actually true. As a company, you should be more cautious about the presence of your brand on social media during the Corona crisis; you should not publish any expert opinion on whether it is right or not to take the booster jab or if the current lockdowns across Europe are justified or not.

Dreams of the future

Even though it feels tough on many levels once again, the storm will ride out – sooner or later. Therefore, it is nice to allow ourselves to predict what our new future will perhaps look like. Let’s dream of the year 2023 and hope for a future where Greta Thunberg defeats the great powers and emissions are reduced by 90 percent. Guess what benefits you think the crisis will have for our particular industry. Maybe the market is fluctuating so fast as everything is getting more digitized that you will have to hire forty new employees by the end of Q1 next year. It’s absolutely okay to dream. No one knows what the near future will look like, but all future explorations we see in the flow bring hope for a time when we can go on and learn how to live with Covid-19. Focusing on the first word “Learn” can be instructive but, learning means gaining knowledge or understanding by reflection, imitation, or experience. We all must begin by recognizing that learning is a continuous, ongoing process. As Covid-19 mutations continue to emerge, so must we all start learning to live with the virus as this seems to be our new normal.

New ways of working

Think what luck in the bad luck that the pandemic hit us all during 2020 when we can actually do most things digitally. Had the crisis swept over Europe 20 years ago, the situation would have looked completely different. Now we can hold our team meetings online, most people can work without traveling every day collectively to the office, we can find new ways. As a brand owner, share with your network and followers on social media how your workplace handles the corona crisis. How did you adapt your business for your customers over the past two years? Feel free to tell us all about new, developed offers and show how you maintain your corporate culture – despite the current situation. Are you working partly remote or fully? Are you planning to attend any face-to-face conferences during the winter, or will your team go fully virtual?

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In the midst of all the misery and all the bad news we are hearing about daily, we must also allow ourselves to laugh. It’s okay to have fun in the middle of everything. Life will go on, so feel free to spread humor on your social channels.

We all know that the situation is still serious, but there is no point in criticizing authorities or posting another sob story. Lift yourself, your business, and your fellow human beings on social media and we will all feel a little better at the end of each day.